Manage your store with easy steps


Processing your orders

Check out the shipping status of your orders, get them processed in bulk or individually and print invoices and packing slips. You can also download a wide range of features and apps which allow you to make your order processing extremely easy and simple.

Controlling your inventories

Take a peek at your entire inventory on the main product and the product option level. You can also set various levels in terms of low stocks, disable purchasing when stocks are not available, update inventory levels and manage supplies.

Handling returned goods

Get access to one of the most convenient and accurate return systems. Keep a track of your refunds, replacements, disable returns, provide a store credit to selected users and apply a user system which is permission based. You can also choose fields for return actions and return reasons as well.

Ease and simplicity of use

Manage your store from wherever you want. Make sure that you don’t lose touch with your store while on the move and integrate your store seamlessly onto your phone. Get access to the latest inventory levels, statistics, contact your customers or process your orders – and the best part is that this can be done from your phones.